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Calculators and Designing Tools

Free and useful tools for calculation and design applications. Download solvers for calculations in engineering design, developed in excel and flash files for easy work out.


  • Slurry Pump Calculations
  • Pump calculation
  • SEAI calculation sheet of pump efficiency in water pumping facility

Pressure drops and fluid flow systems:

  • Single Two Phase Differential Pressure Calculator
  • Pressure Drop Calculator for Power Law Fluids
  • Orifice Flow Calculator for gases and steam
  • Turbulent flow Calculator
  • Fluid Flow Calculator
  • Pipe Friction Calculation for Fluid Flow in a Pipe
  • Tank Draining Time
  • Manometer reading calculation
  • Total Length calculator for Pipes Valves and Fittings
  • Regulator flow calculator with valve and liquid CV
  • Calculator of corrected differential pressure


  • Density calculator
  • Critical temperature and Critical Pressure data
  • Temperature units converter
  • Peng- Robinson solver to calculate pressure, volume, temperature
  • Physical Properties Data Bank
  • Vapor Pressure of Mixtures Calculator
  • Thermal Diffusivity Calculator
  • Length Converter

Process equipments :

  • Column Diameter and HETP Calculation
  • Pressure Vessel Design Calculation
  • Pressure vessel engineering ltd's design sheet of elliptical head
  • Excellent design tool for tori-spherical head, ellipsoidal head of vertical and horizontal vessels
  • ASME mechanical design of pressure vessel
  • Calculation of  volume required for heating system expansion vessel
  • Control Valve Sizing for liquids and Gases Streams
  • Agitator Power Requirement
  • Nitrogen Charge Estimator

Process calculations:

  •  Natural Gas Yield

Heat transfer and handling equipment:

Mathematical solver:

Reaction engineering:

  • Equilibrium constant (K) calculation sheet, for stoichiometric chemical reaction equation at standard state

Energy balance:

  • Calculation tool for heat loss from surface of the vessel


  • Aircraft design to calculate climb, cruise and max speed

Refrigeration and air conditioning:

  • Calculation of  Walk-In Refrigerated Storage, Reach-In Refrigerated Storage, Dry storage for Storeroom or area,

Roads and buildings:

  • Passing lane length calculator

Safety devices:

  • Motorcycle rider helmet design